Thursday, January 04, 2007


Since I took a week off from even touching this thing, I feel obligated to write a bunch of filler in an attempt to give you something interesting to read.

Practice resumes tonight on the new material.
Two more songs to nail down and we might start playing them live. Who knows.
I've also begun work on some new material. Very exciting when that happens.
I hope to pump out a few more songs in the very near future.
I had several ideas I thought were fantastic and then decided they were terrible.
I keep forgetting that the new songs have to be better than everything off "Sarcasm."
Yes, even I have standards now.

Here's more pics from the show we did in Ohio.
They kind of look like the last ones.
C'mon, there's only so much you can do when photographing three people sitting in a line.

Having a good 2007?
I knew you were.

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