Monday, January 15, 2007

Old Town, New Place.

On Friday we made the trek down to Lakeland, FL to play at a brand new venue for us called Lillian's. The show kind of fell apart and the band we thought we would be sharing the stage with had broken up a week or so prior to the show so they filled out the gig with a few last minute replacements. The crowd was sparse but the venue was great and the stage was one of the best that we've played. Plenty of room for all our gear, plenty of room to move around, and a nice sidestage to stash gear before, during and after our performance.
We're definitely looking forward to going back there as part of a bigger show.
After soundcheck we wandered the town trying to find food and ended up settling on a sports bar. I'm not the biggest fan of bar food so I always look for a safe bet on the menu.
One turkey sandwich and 2 Jukebox songs later, we were headed back to the venue.

We played a forty minute set, jamming out 10 songs most of which was newer material, and we even included The Sick Charade which we've played live a few times (and is one of our new favorite songs) and Say Hello which is an upbeat Moog-powered pop song. I'll admit to messing that one up a bit here and there.
Post load-out, I crashed in the van for a quick nap while the next band, the Suicide Clubs played. We hung out with them a bit while the last acoustic performer played then went on a mission to collect our money.
After collecting what was due us, we decided to head back.
I steered Van Diesel back towards Orlando where we arrived home around 2:30am and went to sleep. We're so rock and roll. We go to sleep.

This Saturday we'll be playing up in Gainesville, FL at 1982. This is shaping up to be a great show. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

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