Monday, January 08, 2007

Places to go, people to see.

We have our first show of the new year this coming Friday at Lillian's in Lakeland, FL. This will be our first time playing at a real venue in that town. In the past we'd only played at a place called Winner's Circle which is a sports bar. There comes a time in every bands life when they need to pull away from playing places which are a bar first and a venue second, which is why this year we are becoming even more selective about the places we play, targeting actual venues or just solid lineups.
We've also tacked on a handful of dates for March in which we'll be doing a small 3 day tour with our buddy Josh Mccabe of Along the Sidelines out of Gainesville, FL. We'll be hitting up Vito's Rock N' Roll Pizzeria in Valdosta, Georgia along with Central Station in Orlando, and ending at the Seabreeze Coffee Connection in Daytona Beach. Should be a lot of fun. We're also playing Josh's CD release show on January 20th at 1982 in Gainesville, and next month he'll be joining us when we return to the K&K Concert Hall in Ocala, FL.

At some point this week we plan to have some meetings concerning our next record. We have a producer/engineer in mind and just have to work out the logistics of the record deciding what we want to accomplish, what songs we will record, and whether it will be another EP or a full length record. We're hoping to start recording by March, so crunch time will soon be upon us.

Looking at the shows we already have booked for 2007, I'm excited about each one of them. We're getting to play at a whole bunch of new venues and getting to play for new people which is always exciting. I just hope all of our travel time pays off. Van Diesel will be getting quite a workout in the coming months.

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