Monday, January 29, 2007


What's new?

Well, let me tell you.... not a whole lot.
We did some show shifting in the last week. We cancelled our show for February 10th at K&K Concert Hall in Ocala, FL. Instead, we'll be playing in Ocala a week earlier!
Come hunt us down on Friday, February 2nd at Ocala's newest music venue called "The Capitol" which is apparently located in downtown. You know, in the nice part of town. We'll be sharing the stage with local heroes Hey Nice Guy and possibly one other band. The K&K date has been rescheduled for Friday, March 16th for the first day of our 3 day mini-tour with Along the Sidelines.

We'll have the following week off, and that's been kind of fun lately as it means more songwriting time for me.
Speaking of which, I'm on the verge of finishing yet another tune that I'm quite pleased with. I'm hoping I can finish at least two more tunes somewhere in all of this. We're supposed to start pre-production for our record soon, reworking the songs, adding parts, taking stuff out, rewriting, rearranging, etc...
No official word on when that starts, but hopefully in the near future.
Our shows have been a bit more sparse as of late and everyone is generally pretty busy. JoAnna recently succumbed to a torn muscle in her side, so she'll be taking things easy for a while and probably won't rock out quite as much at upcoming shows. We also haven't booked anything past March since we expect to be doing a lot of writing and recording. Don't worry, once everything is settled with the record, we'll be back in full swing.

I finally broke down and bought a GPS system for our van. Getting lost was getting old really quick. Also, since JoAnna and myself are pretty directionally challenged, Bert usually ends up driving everywhere and that's not fair to him. As of late, he and I had been splitting the driving duties, so this should make things easier for everyone to take the wheel once in a while. Perfect timing for us to get this thing since we're heading back to Ocala soon and that place is harder to navigate than the maze in that 80's movie Labyrinth. Everyime we drive through that town, I get scared that we could get so lost that we end up running into the Goblin King (aka David Bowie).

Lastly, the lineup for Spring Music Fest 2007 is slowly coming together, so hopefully everything will be killer. At this point, I know that we're playing, and I know that Pathway to Providence is also scheduled in, so it's a great start with more to follow, I'm sure.

Overall, we're all getting antsy about starting our record. We have so much that we want to accomplish with it, and I have no doubts that it could take 10 years to put together if we let it, but hopefully a month or two will be enough. I really want to share all the details and let you hear all the songs, but we have to keep some secrets, y'know?
Plus, if I lay out the master plan here, then karma will come around and change everything. I don't want that.

Moral of the story? Come see us play on Friday.
Shows at K&K are a lot of fun, but the place is always so hot and humid. I'm looking forward to playing in Ocala with the air conditioning on high!

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