Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As much as I hate doing so, I'll admit when I'm wrong.

If you're a frequent reader of this blog then you know that Doug and I like to talk up certain bands. In the past, I've made mention of a spectacular band from Cherry Hill, New Jersey known as The Progress. We first met them at a festival we played in Ocala, Florida at the end of 2004. They were amazing. I picked up a copy of the 5 song EP they were supporting called "Golden State".

Clocking in around 15 minutes, it was such a solid disc but always left me wanting more. A few months later, I ordered of a copy of their very first (and now out of print) self titled EP. It was also solid. When I saw that they were planning a summer tour in July of 2005 I was quick to help them out with a Florida show that sadly didn't go off so well. However since the guys are super nice we offered them a place to stay for the night and Bert and myself stayed up most the evening just talking to them and picking their brains about the life of a touring band. They had just signed to the label Negative Progression and were soon going to be recording their debut LP.

It's now about 7 months later and their LP entitled "Merit" is going to be hitting stores all over the country on April 25th. They've been releasing a song a week on PureVolume to preview the album. When I initially started listening to these tracks when they started posting them a month or so ago I was not impressed. Golden State was full of hooks and clever lyrics whereas these newer tunes didn't grab me on the first listen like the previous albums. However (this is the part where I admit that I am wrong) after listening to the songs each night after work, they have officially grown on me and now I am eagerly anticipating the release of the album.

If you are not familiar with the band, please check them out on MySpace ( to familiarize yourself with 2 of their older tracks that initially reeled me in, then cruise over to and preview half of the tracks on Merit.

Please please please support this band. Next time they venture through Florida, we hope we will be sharing the stage with them again. Great guys, great music, great things ahead.



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