Saturday, March 25, 2006

We'll be on the road to Sarasota in just a few hours now, so hopefully it's a smooth trip and no one gets too crazy from being stuck in the car for an extended period of time.

At recent shows people have been telling me more and more that they read this crazy blog of ours. So thanks for taking a peek inside our minds. Scary place, eh?
Now that I can use this as a forum to reach more people I wanted to ask a favor of everyone. If you own a copy of our EP "Sarcasm is Your Friend" what would really help us out is if you could take a few minutes and write a review of the disc for iTunes,, or both.
That would be helpful to us, so we know what you think, but also for people who are thinking of maybe purchasing the CD. It only takes a few minutes and we'd love it if you helped us out with this.

Have a great weekend.
After we're done rocking at The Clubhouse Tavern tonight, we'll be shacking up in a hotel near the beach enjoying cold beverages, crazy antics, and terribly lame jokes.

All the best.


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