Friday, March 03, 2006

Hey all, just writing to let you know of a couple cool shows coming up.
Saves the Day at the Social March 23rd
Alkaline Trio at House of Blues April 9th.

Just kidding. Actually we're playing with some cool bands this coming Saturday March 4th at Island Oasis here in Orlando. Joining us will be Words Now Heard (who I think is the only artist to have played with EVERYONE), and a couple cool bands from the great white north The Starrs and the 1985 Bears (guess where they are from). So if you aren't doing anything on Saturday at 5pm come check us out for a drunken sex fest. Actually it will be a good, clean night of wholesome All Ages type entertainment, but since it's an early show you'll still have time for your drunken sex fests. So come get the best of both worlds Saturday night and hear some great music in the process.

The jury has come in on the Rhett Miller album "The Believer" and the verdict is it's at least half awesome (10 points to anyone who knows the band I referenced there).


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