Thursday, March 30, 2006

Last night at the Social I experienced an odd show. The Courtneys, Maria Taylor, and Mates of State. Quite the lineup. Every band was way different, some good, some bad.
The Courtneys (an Orlando local) were up first. They could only be described as the bastard child of Tegan & Sara and Le Tigre. You think that sounds cool? Think again. The vocals left something to be desired (think Mickey Mouse screaming incoherently) and while one gal did have a stack of synths on the stage, the sound patches she was using were downright painful. I really wanted to step up on stage tweak the MicroKorg so it would be listenable. Eh, whatever.
I'm sure they appeal to.... someone. Just not me. Who cares, I'm sure they'd hate my band.

Up second was Maria Taylor. I'd heard some of her tunes online and really enjoyed them. Her band consisted of herself and five other people. The music was rather mellow and everyone on stage just stood there. They looked bored and miserable. Perhaps they should change their name to "Maria Taylor and her Army of Mannequins". Amanda suggested they add a seventh member to the band who just stands on stage and dances.

Up last was Mates of State who were absolutely amazing. They were so tight as a band and sounded exactly like their CDs. Every song was killer. I'm not a diehard fan but I heard a lot of songs I recognized. They rocked out for an hour and had an amazing stage presence for just two people. Maria Taylor's band should watch them more and take notes. Great audience participation and they were really cool about letting the crowd yell out songs for them to play.

Overall a good show, but I would have appreciated a better opening act.
Can't win 'em all.

Tonight: Limbeck.


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