Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey peeps.

Remember when I used to write in this all the time? Yeah. I got busy. Oops.
I actually just wanted to talk a little about the show we played this past Satruday at the Island Oasis in Winter Park. First off, it was our first time playing that venue, and I actually kind of like it. For whatever reason, I always enjoy playing in dive bars. This was a dive.
Once in a blue moon we play shows where all of the bands are amazing. This was one of those shows. I definitely would've liked to have seen more familiar faces, but the small group we had was quite supportive. We kicked off the night after waiting and waiting for the sound guy whose car broke down on the way to the venue. After us, The Starrs took the stage and sounded amazing. Bert picked up a copy of their CD "Silhouette" and I've really been enjoying it. Up second were The 1985 Bears who were also fantastic. Closing out the show was Orlando's own Words Now Heard. WNH is a one man show featuring the talents of Chris Martin who was a very energetic and outgoing guy. He's a lot of fun.
When it was his turn to take the stage he got up there with an acoustic guitar and I was holding my breath hoping not to hear another Dashboard knockoff. However, even though he played everything acoustic, he put on a great show. The man has an amazing stage presence and even though he was the only one on stage, it felt like I was watching a full band show.
I'm really hoping we get a chance to share the stage with him again in the near future. If he plays near you, please go see him. I picked up a copy of his new CD called "Loud and Clear". Highly recommended.

We met so many people that night, and all of them were super nice. We've played with local bands that were complete ego maniacs, but we've always had pretty good luck when it comes to playing with touring bands that have an overall great attitude.

Ocala this weekend. Playing K&K. I'm really looking forward to this one.
Our Tampa show got cancelled.
My car needs an oil change.
Currently enduring a headache.

Apologies, awkwardness, and taking a stand have been the themes for the week.

Listen to that one band I talked about that one time.


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