Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yesterday we packed up the cars and took a trip over to Edgewater near Daytona to play a show at a birthday party. Yes, we do parties. Our friend Tiffany's brother, Mike, who is a big ENY fan is in the military and will be headed back to Germany before his actual birthday so we decided to crash it so he'd actually be able to see us play.
We played on a big deck beside a canal for his friends and family and had a blast.
I almost didn't make it on time since someone didn't bother to make sure I was awake when the alarm went off :)
Regardless, I got to the meeting point on 3 hours of sleep and we took the hour and a half drive (not 30 minutes like we were originally told) out towards the coast.

Their family took great care of us, supplied plenty of food and drinks and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Hopefully Mike won't soon forget his 20th birthday.

That's how far we're willing to go for our friends.

Speaking of friends, ever notice how sometimes you tend to torture and aggravate the people you love the most? I'm pretty much the master at that. I never mean to do it, and never realize it until I've gone too far. Then I have to backpedal and hope that the damage isn't permanent. Just remember, never let the little stuff get in the way of the big picture. Focus on the positive. Solve your own issues and don't try to blame them on anyone else.

And on that prudent note, have a spectacular week. See you in Sarasota.


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