Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Craziness all over the place.

First, Doug chops off most of his hair. Next, we find out that Bert has to work at 6am Sunday morning and we're playing in Sarasota the night before. We had a hotel room rented out to have an after show party extraordinaire, but it looks like we'll be having it Bert-less. His birthday is coming up so we'll make it up to him then. Of course, he'll be out of town for his birthday, so we'll make it up to him eventually. Come to think of it, my birthday is coming up in just 2 weeks.
Interesting ENY tidbit: Bert has a birthday the day before mine (he's April 3rd, I'm April 4th), however he is one year younger, so for one day each year, we're the same age. That's pretty cool, right? ....Right?

Bert is turning the big old 21. He's gonna get a new lease on life. I sure did when I turned 21. You actually feel like a human being. A registered member of society. You get a free membership to the Blackout Club. Don't worry, we'll keep an eye on him so that he doesn't get too crazy.
I'm turning 22. Finally, age no longer matters, I can now coast through the rest of my days and look forward to the depression I will likely suffer when I turn 50.

And the best news of all? I've got pieces of 4 new songs that I'm currently messing around with. Based on past experience, it's likely that none of them will ever become finished product, let alone demos, so don't hold your breath. I think it's funny how I really draw a lot of song material from personal experience, but then when I actually have a lot of stuff happening I can't actually focus enough to write about it. It always ends up with me looking back and writing retrospecively. That works just as well in my opinion.

We're trying to design new tshirts. Got any ideas? JoAnna has a design that's pretty killer and will hopefully appear on mobile apparel as soon as we work out the kinks.

We've played every weekend for about the last month. It's almost like we're a real band or something.
Anyone selling a van? This 2 car thing is getting ridiculous.

I always take personal shots at people in my blogs. Not this time. I've above that. And no bad jokes either. Not until I get some new material.

MySpace is the ultimate time waster. I've never read so much stuff I didn't care about until I discovered that website. I don't think I need that window into my friends minds. I feel like I'm spying in. I might as well just sit in the tree outside their windows with a microphone aimed at their window. At least there's a challenge that way.

So, who's getting sick of our EP? No one? Good. That thing's gotta last you a while.

Ever have a cell phone against your head for so long that your ear starts to burn? As long as the conversation's good, you never feel it until you hang up.
I can talk for hours about nothing and everything all at once.


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