Friday, October 14, 2005

If you were at our Full Sail Live show on Wednesday, then thanks!

We had a lot of fun even if it looked like we didn't. Despite me going on absolutely no sleep and being in a relatively foul mood, we had to play a good 45 minute set, which is longer than we're used to. We were forced to play some tunes we either hadn't played in a while, or prefer not to play live. Our set was kind of all over the place, but out of the 13 jams we played, hopefully you heard the songs you wanted to.

We played with the bands Day and Courtesy of You. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we spent half the evening hanging in the green room with CoY who are super nice guys. We played with them back in July at Will's Pub but didn't really meet them, so it was fun to hang out for a while. We also spotted members of the bands A Denver Mile and Ytel who were out to support, so big thanks to them too.

Our set was plagued with a lot of technical problems as usual... bad cables, straps that didn't stay on guitars, broken snare drums, vintage synthesizers not wanting to work, etc...

Despite all that, we tried to put on the best show possible. I've seen the video footage. I wasn't disappointed.

Now for some good news:
Our tshirts are in!
I will be revamping the merch section of our website tonight with a few more items, so if you want an ENY shirt, order soon! Prices and a picture will be up with the other merch tonight.
Remember, buying our stuff helps us not only create more shirts, cds, and stickers, but it lets us pay for gas which gets us to other parts of the state. So everyone wins!

We'll be out at Duke's Orlando on Lee Rd. on October 22nd and we'll have shirts readily available, so bring your lunch money pick one up if you so choose.

More later...


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