Thursday, October 20, 2005

So today is Thursday, meaning that unless this massive hurricane wipes us all out, we'll be playing at Duke's Orlando on Saturday. Somehow we ended up being the only band from Orlando on the bill, so it'd be REALLY nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd singing along. We've never played Duke's before. I'd like to impress them.

We'll be playing with some really great bands and even if we weren't playing this show, I would still be there checking it out. That's how good the lineup is. Joining us for a night of overly catchy rock and roll with be Select Start and Half-Way Hero both from Tampa, and Better Than Average from Winter Haven. This will also be a great opportunity to expose yourself to some bands you may not have heard of before. And if you like ENY, you'll definitely enjoy all the bands.

We'll be armed with our new t-shirts as well, so come grab them while we have 'em.

In other news, it was Doug's turn to break his glasses and now he's wearing a pair from his middle school years. At least when mine busted, I had the gaul to wear them around with just one ear piece until I got them replaced.

Never a dull moment.


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