Monday, October 10, 2005

To some, my apartment would look like a disaster. To others, it could be art.

As it stands, there's a large cache of beer bottles on my non-coffee table which extends over to my bar. Around the bar are stacked eight large boxes full of ENY "Sarcasm" CDs. Around those boxes, a combination of music gear and empty soda 12-packs are strewn. Across the room you'll find a plethora of guitars, amps, and moog synthesizers in front of the window.

As I sit contemplating all of these things, I have but one thought... Where the hell did all this stuff come from?


Wednesday. October 12. All Ages. 7:30pm. Full Sail Live. Corner of University Blvd. and Forsyth Rd. Winter Park. Florida. Playing first. Also with Courtesy of You. Get there early. Say hello.

Shirts that night? Maybe. CD's? definitely.

Still working on a new project that we'll spill some details on soon.


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