Sunday, October 23, 2005

it's 2:45 in the A.M. and I'm awake. Awake and at the computer. Awake and blogging.

You know how lately I've been referring to each show we play as "the most fun I've had in a long time"... well, this time I mean it. We played Duke's Orlando and had an absolute blast. It was our first time there, and despite a very small crowd, we played with some amazing bands and made some new friends.

First off, big thanks to all the other bands who played. We were the only local, and brought a small group of folks, but I felt bad we didn't have a bigger pull for the out of towners to play to.

Half-Way Hero from Tampa opened the night with their own brand of screamo rock. I normally don't get into that type of music, however, they really did it well. They were all super nice guys to boot, and their singer had nothing but nice things to say about us while on stage.

Better Than Average from Winter Haven took the stage second and played some super catchy tunes. They didn't play very long though. I felt like it was over right when it started. Hopefully they'll play around this area again soon.

We took the stage third and...well... let me just say.... wow. We put all we had into this performance and rocked about as hard has humanly possible. By the end our set, both Doug and Bert were shirtless, so that should be a testament to how crazy things got. We weren't plagued by any technical problems this time around, so things were smooth sailing. We played 10 jams and I spent the majority of my time running around the stage, the floor, or standing on top of JoAnna's bass amp, which nearly teetered out from under me at one point. Seriously though, I wish more of you had been there. The ENY was definitely on top of it's game tonight.

Select Start from Tampa closed out the night and blew my mind. Their songs are so catchy and yet they make it look so effortless. Those guys were so nice and I'm looking forward to seeing them play again. I talked to their synth player for a long time and we geeked out over talking about analog synthesis, and their singer was just an amazingly nice fellow. All super nice. They rock.

As Bert mentioned, we'll be heading down to Tampa on Wednesday, November 9th to rock at the Masquerade, which we are crazily excited for. If all goes according to plan, we'll be rocking out with both Half-Way Hero and Select Start. It's gonna be like a really good movie sequel. A movie with no explosions or digital effects. But a good movie nonetheless.

Big thanks to Brandon the promoter at Duke's for having us on board and being an overall awesome fellow and Paul and Matt from Orlando's own YTeL who are always so much fun to hang out with. Matt rocked the tambourine on 'Window' like no one else I've seen.

It's getting late, and the beer is catching up to me, so perhaps someone else will add their two cents...

If this night had been a sandwich, it would have been a foot-long smoked turkey on italian bread.

Now I'm hungry.


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