Sunday, May 21, 2006

Alright, so we had our Florida Music Festival showcase this past Saturday at Cafe Annie's. We were the last band of the evening so we knew there probably wouldn't be a huge crowd, and since we totally dropped the ball on promoting the biggest event we've had the opportunity to play, it's totally our fault that barely anyone showed up. It didn't help that we played terribly either.
We did see some familiar faces in the crowd, both friends and people who had seen us at other shows, so it was good to play terribly for people that we actually knew rather than complete strangers or folks who owned major record labels.

Big apology to anyone who had to sit through our 30 minutes of pure hell.

However, I got to see a lot of great bands over the course of the two days I was at the Fest. I caught full sets from Dodger, The Heathens, Rory, and The Attack, all of which were a ton of fun, and I caught bits of Dave Melillo, DC North, Last Winter, and Ten 13 Concept.

Hopefully we'll have ourselves together next year and won't look like it was our first show ever. This is assuming that they even let us play again. Which if they don't, I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever.

For whatever reason, we always play like crap in Orlando. No wonder no one likes us there.

Even great bands have off nights.


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