Friday, May 05, 2006

Last evening I learned a very valuable lesson: I can never do any band interviews. Ever.

We started filming miscellaneous interviews with the band members since we're hoping to put together an Electronic Press Kit in the near future to use in promotions, bookings, and general entertainment. It's funny how I get extremely camera shy. Or maybe I'm just shy in general.
When it's just the band I'm a constant source of entertainment, I'm loud, obnoxious, and a complete and utter smartass. Head for the hills if Doug and I get going on random tangents. However, as soon as that little red light on the video camera flickers on, or as soon as a fan approaches me I become freakin' Rain Man.
"Four chords.... yep... definitely four chords in that song.... definitely."
I get the nervous twitch, stutter a lot, and try too hard in general to force myself to be normal to the point where I just look like I'm dancing around with a bad case of hemmorhoids.

Pressure sucks. I'm fine around my friends, and on top of my game when on stage, but anywhere else I'm apparently the most boring and uninteresting person this side of the ghetto.

So even though these journal entries are packed with witty one liners and over-exaggerated stories, don't expect me to be that guy in person.

Unless I've been drinking.

Next week we get busy again. It's gonna be fun. We love the studio. Almost as much as we love those cookies with the Hershey Kisses in the middle. (hint hint)

Listen to the new Saves the Day record "Sound the Alarm"


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