Friday, May 26, 2006

In about 2 hours we'll be down at the AKA Lounge in Orlando getting ready for the biggest rock show of the week (if you don't count Cartel playing down the street at The Social) and as usual... it's raining. This is sure to hamper the process of loading and unloading gear. AKA already has a large, old, unforgiving staircase which all of our gear must be carried up (it's a 2nd floor venue), so it's kind of one of those places where we wish we didn't have amplifiers. Plus JoAnna's amp weighs about the same as a small house. We do like AKA though since they have a really good atmosphere and usually give the bands free PBR's. I have a history of never playing sober when we're there. We shall see if history is doomed to repeat itself.

We have next weekend off (unless someone wants to put us on a short-notice show) then we'll hit up Daytona Beach to revisit the Coffee Connection which is always an interesting experience, the week after that we'll play our first show at Will's Pub South in downtown Orlando with some touring bands from Pennsylvania, followed by a gig at Winner's Circle in Lakeland a few days later. It's funny to me that I know so many people and bands from Lakeland and yet we've never actually played a show there. We're playing with our pals From Adam to Atom so it should be a good time. The last week of June we'll head back up to the K&K in Ocala for a romping good time with the Rosedale boys and we'll get to meet and share the stage with New School Records' My Hostage which contains former members of the popular hardcore band Evergreen Terrace. So fun things afoot. Fun things that would be way more fun if we didn't have to take an army of cars. Yeah, there's your van update.

I'm off to brave the storm in my little Geo Prism, or as Amanda would call it... my "broke white boy car."


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