Monday, May 15, 2006

It's Monday. I hate Mondays.
Come to think of it, it always seems to be Monday.

On Saturday we made the trek up to Ocala for a special performance at our friend Hannah's 16th Birthday party. We played a massive 14 song set and even took a break right in the middle of the set and had all the kids gather around "campfire style" to hear acoustic renditions of a few of our tunes. They had a blast, we had a blast, everybody wins. We even enjoyed some free food and beverages before hitting the road back to Orlando.

Just a note: Ocala is the hardest town in the world to navigate. Whenever we play somewhere new in that town we always get lost. Without fail. I think instead of sending people to jail judges should sentence criminals to Ocala with a crappy car and a neverending supply of gasoline. They'll be lost forever and no longer be considered a danger to society.
So we rolled into town at 6pm but didn't actually find the venue until 6:45 and that was after several desperate phone calls.
Once we left, we got equally lost driving 10 miles out of our way in the wrong direction. Big thanks to everyone who helped us get out of dodge via telephone.

We'll be back in Ocala on June 30th to play at the K&K with Rosedale, My Hostage, and My Adalyn. We won't get lost. And hopefully we'll have some new wheels by then.

I was gonna type a lot more but the caffeine is wearing off and I'm starting to craaaash. Boom. There it is.



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