Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Look at that, I don't post anything for a week and I assume everyone gave up on reading this thing. It might be for the best seeing as I have absolutely nothing of interest to say. I'd fill you in on exactly what the band is doing but it would probably bore you to death. Doug's been watching sports, JoAnna's been working a new job, I've been on a mini-vacation, and Bert may or may not have stolen a truck.
Fun stuff, right?

Happy May. Where is the year going?
Since I'm forever on a search for new and interesting music, feel free to send me suggestions via MySpace. I need some new things to listen to. Some new CD's have come out in the last 2 weeks that I really want to get. I need to go on a music shopping spree.
Anyone heard "Merit" by The Progress yet?
Go get it. It's fantastic.
Also on shelves are the new Taking Back Sunday & Thursday albums. I need to listen to those soon.
One thing I love about ENY is that we're always pushing new music on each other, trying to find things that the other members will like. For now, it seems that well has run dry since we're all kind of lurking about, waiting for that next great band to grab our ears. I have yet to hear anything amazing.

Shows? Shows.
Next week we play a Birthday party for a good friend, shortly thereafter followed by Florida Music Fest which will be our first time playing Orlando in 2 months. Am I worried that everyone around here forgot about us? Hell no. Nobody even knew who we were to begin with. Week after that we play Orlando again, and then the books are clear except for a mid-June jaunt up to Ocala.
I whine about our travel situation a lot. Reason being, we cannot strike out from Orlando as much as we had been recently due to rising gas prices and lack of an adequate vehicle to get all of us from Point A to Point B.
Interested in donating money to the "Help ENY get a Van" Fund?
Email me for details.

I meant to write two sentences and accidently droned on way longer. Apologies.

Listen to 80's new wave music.
Was anyone who reads this thing even alive in the 80's?


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