Monday, May 08, 2006

In an effort to create speculation at lunch tables across the nation, I wanted to let everyone know that come Summer there will be a new addition to the ENY family.

Could I be any more vague? Probably not.

Also, has anyone heard "Louder Now" the new Taking Back Sunday album?
I've gave it a few listens now and I'm really enjoying it. This says a lot considering I pretty much disowned that band after the second CD (and departure of the band members I actually liked who then went on to create a band that has the energy of a geriatric gopher). My only complaint is that each song seems to have the exact same formula. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about writing to formula (I stole all of my song structures from Weezer and Green Day) but when I can predict when both singers will scream at the same time or when they'll echo each other, I guess it loses some of its luster. One of those CDs I can put on at work and not have to listen to.

FMF is next week.
We're excited.
Are you excited?
You should be excited.
Who am I kidding... You won't even be there.


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